Choose from the packages below

Prices for dogs are quoted by breed, size, and condition of the coat when appointments are made. 


Bath and Brush

shampoo, hydro massage, condition, blow dry, brush out, sanitary area & paw pad trim, nail clip, ear cleaning

Touch Up Groom

all of the above plus trimming of face, paws, & tail

Full Service Groom

all of the above plus a full standard breed cut or client specified cut

Puppy Groom $45

required for any dog of any breed that are 8 weeks to 6 months of age. Visit our resources page to learn more about our Puppy Process and the best practices for puppy grooming. 

nail clip  $13            nail file  $15 

anal gland expression   $12

de-shedding $22-26                      

teeth brushing $12

paw pad condition $8


Kitty Comb Out  $45

brush out, sanitary area & paw pad trim, nail clip, ear cleaning

Full Service Kitty Comb Out $54 and up

shampoo, blow dry (if temperament allows and at groomer discretion) brush out, sanitary area & paw pad trim, nail clip, ear cleaning, cologne, bandana

Lion Cut or Shave Down $69 and up 

includes all of the above plus a lion cut or shave down 

Kitty Mat Shave Out  $13

shave out mats only

Kitty Paws-Pads & Sanitary Trim  $15

neaten feet clean out paw pads, shave out sanitary areas

We offer personal cat sitting and dog walking designed around your pet's routine and needs.   

A meet and greet is required before booking any pet sit or dog walking services 

Dog Walking

Walking Services are available

Monday - Friday

$21 per 1/2 hour up to 2 dogs per home

Additional fees will apply for multiple dog homes

Cat Sitting

Cat sitting is available 7 days a week & holidays

$20 per 1/2 hour visit up to 3 cats per home

Additional fees will apply for multiple cat homes 

Holistic Therapies

 How can these services help my pets?” 

Combining traditional and complementary treatments can improve the overall health of your pet.  Exercising, diets, and other healthy changes can improve the quality of life of your pet. 

Besides these changes, there are other treatments that can improve the health condition of your pet and more and more veterinarians recommend them as complementary treatments.

Our Certified Reiki  practitioner

 Julianne Sebek      

Developed in Japan, Reiki is an energy healing technique that uses hand positions to flow healing energy into the patient. It considers the whole being and helps activate the natural healing processes.